How to get started with Web languages for Data Science?


Yes! Web languages!

They are important because maybe someday you will need to scrape the web, use JSON flies for your analysis, deploy your model into a REST service or something like that. If you don’t know what I meant before is ok, this is not a core part of your job. But it won’t hurt to understand a little bit of how the web is structured, the main languages it uses and how it works. As I said before, a Data Scientist it’s not someone who knows it all, or will solve every problem in a company, but you should know a little about topics that will be more and more important in the present and future, and the web is one of them.

This path won’t make you a Web Developer, is only to get some intuition on the different parts of a web page, how to understand its underlying structure and how to play with it.

1. Coursera:

2. CodeAcademy:

3. Pluralsight:

4. Web scraping:

Have fun learning 🙂

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