Numus – new personal finance concept

Making Personal Finance easy!
The problem we try to solve

Surveys and research done in this domain tell us that there is a huge problem with wealth management today. 76% of the households in EU live paycheck to paycheck, but only 32% keep a household budget. While this issue is so present in developed countries, Worldwide is even worst.  Here we see a problem that we have to fix!

Our solution solves an important issue with World’s economy today and has a large social impact.

We did our own research on why people don’t use current solutions and results are diverse from manually handling the process, safety, usability to the low engagement that existing apps provide.


Our Solution

We at Numus, took seriously the feedback from surveys and we did a lot of research on our own before we decided how our product should look like and it should be served to our potential clients.

We have prepared a video about our product and we hope to make it easy for you to understand Numus and its mission:

This Youtube video is made for information purposes using it to pitch our idea and we plan to add it to our crowdfunding campaigns.

Here is our Kickstarter campaign which we want to promote, so support us and share it so others can do the same:

Click on the Kickstarter Logo on the video or click here to come to the campaign.

We at ELA (the company behind the product), came to a conclusion that Numus should be provided free to end-users, should be fully automated, should represent the unique way of visualizing financial data and rise engagement among users. We are committed to that, so we prepared a web version PoC where you can taste Benchmarking against Ola N (Norwegian version of John Smith).

Numus Progress Milestones

Scientifically proven idea: IJSER (International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research)  published a research paper on how we can create architecture and infrastructure to support the solution

Innovative idea behind Numus:             Innovation Norway granted the idea with “Market Clarification” to create the Prototype

Financial evaluation by Accelerators:   3.5 – 4 million pre-money evaluation from The Factory (#FinTech accelerator)

Invited to SU incubator at NASA HQ in US

IDG Global named Numus as one of the most innovative app ideas in 2017


At this point in time, we are between PoC and MVP and our time plan looks very busy next couple of months.

Base on our plans, we are going LIVE between November and December. and we are working hard to achieve that goal.


Numus operates with financial data, one of the most critical data and regulations day by day are becoming very strict. EU, lately,  released to regulations that affected directly finance sector and our product GDPR and PSD2. We are working hard so our product will complain with both regulations and give fair treatment to personal data.

Data security is also part of our concern and our development team is informed to set it as top priority in every development stage and level of the product.


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